Senior Care: How to Fall-Proof Your Home

Senior Care: How to Fall-Proof Your Home

Providing quality elderly care to our aging loved ones means that they are in a safe and comfortable condition wherever they may be, but most especially in their own abode. Our role as primary caregivers is very crucial in making this happen. If our senior loved ones choose to age in place, then we also need to ensure that their home is safe for them.

As the leading non-medical home care agency in Houston, Texas, we advocate for quality and complete care for seniors who age at home. Because of that, we recommend the following fall-proof steps so your loved one’s risks for falling are diminished.

  • Install Grab Bars and Other Safety Fixtures in the Bathroom

    The bathroom is considered as one of the most dangerous areas at home. To provide exceptional home care for your loved one, make sure that they have fewer chances of slipping, tripping, or falling while using the bathroom. You can implement the following:

    • Install grab bars beside the toilet, by the doorway, and in the shower area.
    • Elevate the toilet seat if possible.
    • Put non-skid mats on the floor.
    • Transform the shower area into a walk-in shower or tub.
    • Providing an easily reachable area for bathing essentials.
  • Widen Doorways

    As we help you extend quality home care services in Texas, we also recommend for you to widen the doorways. Entrances should be wide enough so that our senior loved ones with mobility problems can easily go through. Furthermore, ensure that the entrances don’t have small bumps that can cause some trip-ups. When seniors can efficiently go in and out, their risk of falling is reduced.

  • Secure Stairways

    While it is highly encouraged to move our elderly loved ones’ room to the first floor at home, sometimes this is not possible. If this is the case, ensure that your stairways have strong railings so they can have something to grab on when they need to go up or down.

  • Brighten Up the Place

    So you can provide fall-proof senior care, we also encourage you to ensure that most areas at home are well-lighted. Seniors may have vision limitations, which make it difficult for them to see where they are walking. Moreover, they may also need to go to the restroom at night. They can be kept safer when the areas they go to are very visible.

How long have you been providing care to your senior loved one? Whether you’ve been in this noble role recently or if you’ve been the caregiver for years, it’s important to recognize that primary caregivers need to take a break every so often. At E-Z Access Home Care, you can trust our dependable assistance whenever you find the need for respite. We have respite care providers to help you out.

Furthermore, we also hope that the above reminders can better empower you in ensuring that your home is the safest place your senior loved one can be.

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