4 Reasons Why Companionship Matters to Seniors

Living alone allows freedom and independence for older adults. On the flip side, it can lead to loneliness too. What balances the negatives out? Companionship is the answer. Truth be told, companionship doesn’t just cancel out loneliness. E-Z Access Home Care shares the other perks that it can offer: It improves a senior’s nutrition Nutrition … Continue reading

Family Caregiver’s Get Tired Too

Caregiving can be very challenging for people that are trained to do it everyday. What is a caregiver? A caregiver is someone that helps a person meet their basic needs on a regular, frequent and consistent basis. But, how about when you are a family member and you find yourself taking on the role as … Continue reading

Helping Your Aging Family Members Take a Bath

Elderly individuals are among the many people who need home care services in Texas. Due to the impact of old age on their overall health, they often need help from other people. One such task is taking a bath. Taking a bath helps keep the elderly clean. But, with the difficulties associated with this task, … Continue reading

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Senior Care: How to Fall-Proof Your Home

Providing quality elderly care to our aging loved ones means that they are in a safe and comfortable condition wherever they may be, but most especially in their own abode. Our role as primary caregivers is very crucial in making this happen. If our senior loved ones choose to age in place, then we also … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Stay on Top of Older Adults’ Health

Senior members of the family will need more and more assistance over time. Their old age may catch up on their bodies, limiting their mobility and hindering them from completing various daily tasks. At times, the elderly may need home care services in Texas to receive the necessary support at home. Senior care is an … Continue reading

Ready for Discharge

Have you ever heard the term “discharge starts on admission”? Well, this is a term we use in the hospital and if you never had a loved one in the hospital, chances are you haven’t. Yes, discharge starts on the first day in the hospital. What usually happens is the discharge case manager comes to … Continue reading

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