Helping Your Aging Family Members Take a Bath

Helping Your Aging Family Members Take a Bath

Elderly individuals are among the many people who need home care services in Texas. Due to the impact of old age on their overall health, they often need help from other people.

One such task is taking a bath. Taking a bath helps keep the elderly clean. But, with the difficulties associated with this task, many seniors may opt not to do it. This is most especially true with older adults with dementia.

How do you help aging family members take a bath? Here are the tips:

  • Discuss the matter with your loved ones

    It will be best to discuss the matter first with your loved ones. This way, your aging family members will not be shocked when they see you in the bathroom with them.

    It is also important to talk about who will provide help to them. This will help lessen awkwardness in doing this private task. Your loved ones may be comfortable with you or another family member helping them. A caregiver from a non-medical home care agency in Houston, Texas can also help.

  • Make the bathroom safe for your aging family members

    The bathroom presents a lot of safety risks for anyone, not just older adults. As much as possible, lessen, if not remove, these risks. You can do the following:

    • Place non-slip mats on the floor.
    • Illuminate the bathroom well using brighter lights.
    • Use detachable showerheads.
    • Have a shower bench ready.
    • Install grab bars in the shower area.
  • Prepare bathing supplies and change of clothes beforehand

    One thing to remember when providing elderly care in this situation is that older adults have sensitive skin. That is why you must use bathing supplies good for seniors.

    Prepare the clothes they will wear beforehand, too. This way, they will not have to be naked for a long time after going out of the bathroom.

  • Respect their privacy and dignity

    Any personal task such as taking a bath is a private situation. Respect your loved ones’ privacy and dignity by covering their bodies while showering if possible.

  • Promote independence as much as possible

    If your loved ones can still do certain steps on their own, let them. Help them strive for independence.

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