Dementia: What Is It?

Dementia: What Is It?

When someone mentions the word “dementia,” what do you associate it with? The first thing that might come into your mind is the unusual frequency of memory loss, particularly among seniors. Dementia is a whole lot more than just that, though. Cognitive functions such as memory, thinking, judgment, among others, start to decline when a person has dementia. Another thing people seem to miss is that dementia is more than just one illness. Providers of home care services in Texas have experience in dealing with the types of dementias.

There are two main groups of dementias: progressive and non-progressive. Progressive dementias are the types of dementias that are irreversible. The most common of this group is Alzheimer’s disease. Non-progressive dementias are the opposite. It is often reversible with proper treatment. More often than not, external factors are the cause of these types of dementias. Infections, metabolic problems, side effects of medicines, among others, can cause dementia or dementia-like symptoms.

Dealing with dementia can be challenging. There are numerous things to consider, like medications, therapies, and even caring for the patient. Because of the struggles in handling this condition, some caregivers will need respite care. But this can easily be mitigated by getting help from service providers with experience in elderly care or home care.

Knowing all of these can help make caring for patients with dementia a bit easier. But there are times when expert care and companionship will be needed. When the time comes, don’t hesitate to contact E-Z Access Home Care, a non-medical home care agency in Houston, Texas.

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